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VLT automation drives from Danfoss

October 21, 2020

Included in BMG’s range of electronic, mechanical and intelligent mechatronic devices, are the Danfoss VLT automation drives, designed for speed control of asynchronous and permanent magnet motors on industrial machines and production lines. The FC 301/302 ensures energy savings, increased flexibility, high efficiency processes and low maintenance requirements.

“The VLT automation drive reduces project costs, ensures low cost of ownership and maintains high efficiency processes,” says David Dyce, electronics manager, BMG’s electromechanical division. “It is a single drive concept based on a flexible and modular design, suitable for all drives applications. This is a major benefit in commissioning, operating and maintaining equipment.

“Advanced technology and industry features can be expanded with plug and play options and an intuitive interface for customised programming. With this modular system – which encompasses specific power sizes, features, enclosure classes, positioning control, safety functions and fieldbus protocols – each plant can determine what parameters are essential to meet specific requirements. This system can also be upgraded or adapted for future features and options.”

Other features include an intelligent warning and heat management system, smart logic control and pluggable cage clamp connectors. The local control panel plugs in directly or connects through a cable for remote commissioning. Settings are easily transferred from one drive to another via the control panel.